Sunday, February 24, 2008

sands chronicles,,

its [too] early in the morning,
and still i can not put my eyes to sleep..
i cry until this second, i need to talk to someone but i think maybe they already sleep at this moment..
well nobody want someone disturb they resting time just because i cry.. for a silly reason, well to me its not a silly reason but maybe to some it is..

i cry over comics.. precisely! i'm too overwhelm and drawn into the story..
the title is 'Sands Chronicle'.. they said those are sad stories, i believe it but at first thought i never consider it will tell about those kind of stories..

this feeling is similar like when i saw the movie Holiday.. i felt that the character resemble me, my feeling.. same as this comic.. eventhough i don't see myself in any characters within it but the lines.. the lines..

i've used that!!
I've used the lines..
I've felt the feeling..
i've tasted the bitterness..
i've experienced the up the down.. the struggle..

and it bring up the old memories, resuspend it back.. the one that i keep so hard to not ever wake anymore..
all the devils from the past.. in a form of tiny threads of memory..

i feel useless and numb! i know i can not let this feeling take over me..
i have to move.. i have to work.. anything.. something that will rid this uneasyness..
i want to wake up until the rest of the day, until i faint or fall unconcious, it always work..
but today, this morning we have a job! Professional.. even you feel that you no longer set your foot in the ground, you can't let others dissappointed because you dont give your best. After all, they simply not related to your matter..

still trying to find her pieces of shattered heart.. or maybe grow it, since she has none

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