Sunday, January 9, 2011

Take a Bow! Accesorize Your Working Suit

Its been 3 weeks since i start working at a bank in Jakarta, and suddenly all the weekdays i used to have for crafting being replaced by sitting down facing piles of papers and being chased by banking cut-off time.

I, who never work in a place with such strict dress code feels out of place at first because i have only a piece or two shirts and pants for formal suit and my tone only limited to grey, black, white, brown.. grey, black, white, brown.. 

 I love colours. They said, vibrant colours can add some energy so i want  vibrant colours on my working suit! :’(

This challenges me. How to splash some colours on my working suit yet not troubling me when the cut-off time arrived and i have to rush running ups and downs two floors. Hence, on my weekend (the only spare time i have left) i create some accessories.

stripes bow and pearl necklace (inspired by my partner-in-crime Primark neklace)

reversible batik and multi style cape (inspired by Mbak Lia

multi colour yoyo brooch

blue-green 4-tier braided necklace

purple pom organza brooch

And succeeded in making some of my colleagues asked where i get such bizarre and unique accessories ;) and proudly I said "I'm making it myself, thank you." *big smile*

Happy Working,



  1. halo, trima pesanan bows and laces gak ya ? so pretty :)

  2. hai della,

    kirim email aja ke ;)