Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY: Easy Peasy Pencil Skirt from Men Shirt

From the first, I already eyed this shirt to be sewn into skirt. Why? Because it has lovely motifs and the size is just perfect to accommodate my *cough* big *cough* hip.

Since this is a pencil skirt that fit snuggly on your waist and hip, it’s better to find shirt that wide enough and a bit stretchy.

Sewing machine
Marking pen / tailors chalk
Sewing pin

How to:

Cut the sleeves off and cut horizontally just under the collar.

Take your waist, hip, and knee circumference measurements, and divide by 2 then you get the width for each point in the picture.
Draw your line using marking pen/tailor’s chalk, then pin it and sew.

TIP: when taking your knee measurement, stand with open legs. If the width is too small, you wouldn’t able to walk comfortably.

Last step. Sew shut the button placket start from the second from top until the last button. Hem the top and bottom side. VOILA! You made yourself a nice pencil skirt with slit. Congratulation!

TIP: add snap button between opened top button if its too revealing when you wear it. Ì did.


  1. Damn. It looks so gooood on you. I LOVE it. It's absolutly gorgeous!!! Need to make one too :-) Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. do share the pics when you finished please :D

  2. dudull... ajibb...
    btw, pantat lo ya jenk.. ternyata bohaiii gituuuuu...

  3. Fabulous! I've got a pile of shirts waiting for a refashion, will have to give this a try!

  4. really fabulous-I like it and I think my husband should really lock his shirts ;) so many colors so many ideas ;) wanna tell this to all my friends...hihi there will be a whole generation of men without shirts ;)
    thank You for sharing this tutorial! Ines

  5. Luv it!!! So easy and it looks great on you!!

  6. I thought this was amazing... until I realized I would be sitting on buttons...