Wednesday, December 10, 2008

after all those years..

after all those years passing you by, have you ever wondered what your high school friends look like? or maybe your highschool sweetheart?

I have..

my highschool sweetheart getting bit more muscular.. added with scattered beards.. after 7 years never sees each other, my 1st word was "kok lo jadi tua ya?" GUBRAK!! hahahaha.. look who's talking miss.. ga sadar diri banget yah gw.. klo dya menua 7 taun gw itungannya juga menua 7 taun doong.. hahaha...

n his reaction was 'ini DEWASA kali!!' sambil menaikkan alisnya.. heran kali ma 'kedodolan' gw yg ga brubah banyak dr jaman es-em-a.. hahaha..

after those years passing me by.. i did change too! i wear scarf now.. udah! hahahaha... klakuan sama aja.. ga jadi tambah feminin ato ga jadi tambah ga dodol.. hahaha.. oh yeah atu lagi.. gw pake parfum skrg!
white musk by the body shop.. klo dulu mending gw bersimbah bensin deh daripada bau2an macem itu.. jd klo ada org yg bete ma gw.. tinggal siapin korek api aja.. hahaha

and how bout the friend? well i've waited my writing until this section.. hahahaha.. dedicated to you, YES! you.. you know who you are..

since my topic of this months deals with teeth, gw harus interviu drgigi dung otomatis.. well, i took this opportunity to meet my long-lost-friend which i never met..
well not entirely i never met siy.. i saw him on facebook, i chat with him via gtalk.. i know he changed a lot, but i choose not to trust my eyes, mungkin dya pake foto2 adeknya.. ato yah sapatau emng ud aga2 silinder ato apa mata gw karna gw di depan komp trus ya kan.. hihihi.. kopidarat lah gw di grandindo, sambil mengeksplor gramedia baru sambil interviu dya..

daaaaaannnn... tak disangka tak dinyana.. it is really him!!! he lost 30 kilos, have some thin moustache (but not look like a mas-mas type.. hahaha), some beards.. and simply he looks.. AWESOME!! hahahaha.. i still can't believe what i'm saying..
moreover he looks.. such a man! hahahaha..

dazzling dentist at your service..

we walk, we talk (basically i was interviewed him), tryin to keep up the 7 years gap.. and suddenly i feel like he wasn't change.. he's still the same person i used to know.. masih sama menyenangkannya.. masih sama ramenya.. masih sama rasa pengen bunuh dia nya (mastering 4 language, 2 classic intruments, succesfull dentist, smartie, and now adorable eligible bachelor) hahaha.. either u want to shoot him to death or just love him.. hahahaha..

okay..okay.. i admit it, gw mupeng.. :">

and in the end, what lies beneath all those looks still the most important.. another lesson from someone.. :D


by the way handsome dentist, take me to aksara or watch keira duuung.. .:bigGRIN:. (ngarep.. ngarep)


  1. jiiiaaaaahhhhh

    ngiler mode on nie...

  2. Salam kenal buat anien.. wkwkwkw.. eh, kan udah kenal.. wkwkwk ;)

    Tetriz a.k.a tetetzet

  3. Pas 7 th lalu, dia mantan kamu apa cuma childhood crush nin? Idihh.. muke2 gini tipe eike banget.. Ahaha.. Salam ya.. Eh kenapa gak dicoba lagi..? Hyeheheh..
    PS: eh ini titiw nin, yg kemaren sama2 ke peucang, liat blog kamu dari yoga.. haha.. :)