Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Custom Made : Batik Fever

Last two requests that I got was turning batik into tote bag and clutch bag. A bit tricky, since personally I like everything to be color matched and with batik, that's impossible.

But hey, the customers love it and its enough for me ;)

Tote bag was from Pekalongan's batik, the sides was different motifs but came from the same fabric, I contrasted the inner lining and also the bag handle. That's the very first time I made something out of leather.

The clutch bag has two compartments, each flap has it own space. This one came from two different fabrics. The green in the middle was Madura's Batik, personally I found its difficult to match it with anything! But somehow it worked with the mixed motifs batik I found in Mayestik.

with love, 



  1. wah.. cakep2 bag-nya, itu strap-nya (tali bahu) bikin sendiri?? gimana cara? trus nempelinnya gimana?..

  2. Halo mbak Vita,
    makasih loh pujiannya *kembangkempis* hihihih
    iya, itu bikin sendiri dari faux leather. cuma dijait simpel aja, trus aku tempelinnya pake studs metal itu.

  3. wow..mangkinan kreatipnye loe nien..hebat
    mo merambah mpe tenun ga?