Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hug Campaign Special Valentine!

 A hug is like a bandage to a hurting wound.  ~Unknown

Last year, our TEDxJakarta arranged surprise Free Hug Campaign, it was started as one simple "what-if" tweet a night before 14th Feb, and someone put hashtag #HugCampaign on it, and the rest was history, it grew bigger and bigger over night and on the D-day, local radio picked it up and interview the curator about the event.

What people might not at the time was : we haven't get any single contact or permission from the management of Pacific Place, the mall which we planned to have the campaign. hehehe.. i know, crazy rite?!

but none can resist the growing buzz, not even the management, so short story, we got the permission and its a success! not to mention i got hugged by Angga Maliq & D'essential! *jaw opens*

It was so much fun! (I did get a flu afterward, no big deal! heheh)

photo montage of Hug Campaign 2011 (i'm the one holding all posters and hug campaign writing on the floor *guilty*)

This year, YES! we plan on doing it again, with some TEDxJakarta mini talks in the end of the day as you can see here

Lesson learned from last hug campaign was : the BIGGER the sign, the MORE you get hugged (not that we count, lol!). Thus, I decorate a pair of TEDxJakarta tshirt on the back side, to attract more ppl to hug campaign and obviously to get more hugs! (yess, gw fakir peluk hahahaha)

How to/tutorial making the tshirt is on the next post here.

If you happen to be in Jakarta on 14th February, drop by to Pacific Place and i'll be gladly offer you a hug. *winks*

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