Tuesday, October 26, 2010

scrap fabric newbie

April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October..

Its been 7 month since the last time I have a permanent behind the desk job. I do miss having steady influx of money every month yet I enjoy the days without having to stuck in jakarta traffic jams daily that sucked your soul out of you. It might be working for someone else, but definitely not me..

And in those months I was constantly battle of finding what should I do? What is my passion? What is the purpose of my life? (Well, aside from busy chatting with boyfriend ;)).

Recently, I was helping a friend of mine in her clothing business to find tailor for her. Before I know it, the sewing workshop in my house start running again steadily. You ever heard about how energy attracts other energy?! Well in my case I guess the clothing attracts other clothing. Not long after that we got several more order from neighbours

Without me noticing, I am surrounded by packs of packs of packs (seriously there are loooootttssss) of scrap fabric just everywhere. Helpless of doing nothing during the day and already having too much sleep in the night I decide to dive in those packs.

It brings back childhood memory. As a child with head filled with cinderella and princess and fairy tales fantasy having long white gloves was uber cool (at least I thought so). For days I begged my mum to buy me one, she had no clue where to get one of those so she just kept saying no. Stubborn as always, I then locked myself in my mum workshop, traced my palms on a white sheet while shouted in rage 'I WILL MAKE MY OWN GLOVES!!'... And naaaahhh.. It never came true.. Hihihihi.. But it was among my early involvement with needles, threads, fabric and sewing machine..

*clap* okay, back to now. Several days before I was reading this article on some tabloid about the people who use scrap fabric to make money. Among them were tara amelz, amesh from dreamesh and puri from ideku handmade (I put their links in left columns). Their works is simply awesome and adorable and being such and inspiration. Yes, the attraction getting stronger when I browse hours and hours on etsy.com. That website become the 1st rank of where-i-shud-browse-daily. The enthusiasm piling up and I start to make something from that scrap fabric. Well, I hope that someday I can create so many various product just like puri of ideku handmade. But now, baby steps.. :)

In one of my facebook album you can see my experiment of diy things, mostly fabric necklace. Don't know where this craze will lead, for sure I enjoy every minute while I'm making something. Because passion is not what you're good at, but what you enjoys the most (Rene CC)

with love,


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