Sunday, October 31, 2010

smitten by moose

Last time I hunt fabric in Tenabang, I got this cute moose pattern printed on cotton. I love cotton and smitten on the foolishness of the moose. Didn’t take long time to decide buying it even though I haven’t thought what I have to do with the moose.
see how foolish the moose is?!

Today, I found this on my keychain! Whoooaaa.. turn out I have small moose attached on my keychain. I never use the keychain for 2 years that was why I didn’t recall of having another moose surround me.. uh oh. Is it the start of cute yet foolish moose hunting?! ps. I got it from a friend back in Norway, but it wasn’t Norway’s moose it’s Canadian!
my Canadian moose
The rest of the fabric.. hmmm.. I think I’m going to make a chopstick bag out of the cutlery pattern cotton and the flowers, will make an excellent quilt on a tee’s. Never try quilting before but I think I can manage. ;)

Oh yeah.. I was thinking of making tutorial on how to make obi belts, but I couldn’t find the fabric that I had cut to tie the obi.. huhuhu.. have to cut another one and sadly the tutorial must wait a bit longer. 
the obi parts
 With love,



  1. kainnyaa.... huaaaaa... kereeenn.. mauuuu...

  2. ayo kemariiii.. hihihi.. aku ada toko langganan di tenabang yang jual katun bagus bagus ;)

  3. asik asik!!! wahh asik banget udah ada toko langganan? adakah foto katalognya??

    mau doooongg :D hehehe..