Monday, November 1, 2010

My first sell : Tie the Knot.. (literally)

I got my first order! Yay! When Esti said she was interested in buying, I was just like “are you sure you want to buy this?” definitely not a good seller.. hahaha.. I just can’t believe that hey, someone actually like something that I made. Phewww..

This were the rope bracelet that I made for her. Dear Esti , you boost my confidence! ;) Thank you, hope you like the bracelet. And since you are a entertainment journalist don’t forget to market my products! Hihihi.. killing two birds with one stone.

So last night when I made those, I think about making necklace with knots. Googling for a sec (and a sec turn out to be hours!) I found this incredible youtube account of TyingItAllTogether, he can do sooooo many knots which I never seen before. How did  he make such knot?!! All I can just a simple pretzel knot (the one I make for the bracelet). I’ll post the result (if I be able to make one and not get my arm and fingers twisted :p)

And and and and and I found the Michelle Jane’s 2010 jewelry collection using rope! Oh WOW! *jaw open*

picture taken from here

Happy November! and happy tie-ing the knot!


ps. if you interested in the knots rope bracelet contact me at, avail in many color combo ;)

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