Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding Souvenir : Folded Hobo Bag

Huwaaaahh.. Its December already and my last post was a month ago!

Time passed so quick without i realized it. After enduring a week of unknown disease, and a week of creating samples of wedding souvenir for a friend (which i havent finished til now >.<), i have to help a friend to repaired some of her wedding souvenirs order. More to moral obligation tho, i introduced her to the vendor and when the vendor screwed up i ended with fixing more than 150 folded hobo bag/shopping bag in a week.  Not that hard, but time consuming. 

the shape

how it looks when you wear it

avail in many colors (plus red, i already gave the red before taking photos of it)

I managed to finished 164 before the wedding day and sent some after. Luckily, my friend tackled it with adding some more bags from the vendors. Phew. Hope Raya and Arfy’s guests love the souvenirs! Happy marriage Ray ;)

the Bride and the Groom (pic taken from here)

 If you need to order wedding souvenir, do call Uti at 0818199941.

with love, 

PS. Me and my friend skip the reception table at the wedding. We need to take a break from that souvenir. Hihihi..

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