Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY : Waterfall Jacket

Ed gave me brand new sewing machine as a wedding gift, so far I only use it once to trim the shower curtain. It’s about time to use it some more.

Since I moved here in Dordrecht and got to know how “weird” the daily weather can be (imagine, 5 minute sunny and the next 5 minutes raining heavily.. pheww) I started the quest of finding a light cardigan/jacket, that can be double with coat without making myself look like bulky wiener.

Online shopping in NL? Hmmmm.. not sure they have petite size and I still have that mini heart attack everytime I see price tag on clothing here.. *sweat*
Buy from online shop in Indonesia? Errr.. the shipping cost is more expensive than the clothing price

Solution: make your own jacket!

Front view

side view (the waterfall effect is visible here)

rear view

my fave pair of shoes which happen to be my wedding shoes as well ;)

I use McCall waterfall jacket pattern (pic of McCall) that I ordered from here  but made alteration on the sleeve size. Overall I only use sleeve, and bodice pattern.
The waterfall part of the jacket, I lined it with the same fabric since the wrong side wasn’t the same as the right side.

Total price: 21 euro
Fabric: 5 euro
Pattern: 16 euro
Not bad at all..

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