Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY: peplum top from men shirt

In the event of clearing up his closet so my clothes can be fitted in, I end up with ten or more old and unused XL size men shirt, jeans, and sweater.  I have my eyes on some of the shirt that has either interesting button or pattern and a tad reluctant to give it out to charity.

Short google on how to alter men shirt to any women clothing, I found trash to couture site and this refashion hooked me
source : trash to couture

I have the right shirt for this project, with snap button… and the project begun!

front view

back view

How to:
  1.  If you can make pattern for the bodice, that’s great! But I couldn’t, so I trace the bodice panel pattern from dress that I have.
  2.  Separate the sleeves, yoke, collar, hem from the shirt using seam ripper. I use the shirt’s back panel for the front bodice, front panel with the button became back panel. Shirt sleeves for the peplum (I cut it in two so I can have the tail effect on the back peplum) and yoke for sleeves panel.
  3.  Sew and fit it to your body.  In my case, I have to add more darts in front panel

one more photo won't hurt ;)


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  2. Can you you a tutorial for this shirt please. Love it!!