Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY: tulle maxi skirt

This post is the continuation of this previous post. Making it is so simple, any beginner sewist able to do this.

Tulle, I used 4 m long for this project
Polyester lining
Elastic band, commonly found in black color

How to:
  1. Create A-line skirt using the lining fabric. Since this not using any opening on the waist, make sure the skirt waist size is larger than your hip size
  2. Gather tulle and match the length to the waist size of the skirt, sew the side.
  3. Sew together tulle and the lining so it become easier to be attached to the elastic band.
  4. Measure elastic band on your waist, it should be tight enough but not suffocating you.
  5. Sew the elastic band to a loop, and attach the skirt+tulle to elastic band.  Always pull the elastic band while you are sewing.
  6. DONE! Admire your work ;)


  1. Wow love what you did with this skirt, the color choice is perfect. I am pinning this one and the pencil skirt for sure! I am so glad I found your new little blog, it won't stay little for long. Keep it up I can't wait to see what else you make.
    Kasey from