Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY: Romper from Men's Shirt


Another DIY project, recreating new clothes out of old clothes. 

This time featuring elastic waist, shirring details and racer back cut complete with tutorial. 

Supplies and Tools:
Unused XL shirt from your husband/SO/boyfriend or thrift store, especially that has nice detail on the side
Shorts for pattern
Elastic band (I use 5mm)
Elastic thread
Matching thread
Bias tape maker (if you don’t have it, no worries)
Sewing machine
Sewing pin
Safety pin
Sewing machine

How to:

Cut sleeves, collar and the inside yoke.

Measure length from your shoulder to slightly under your waist and then cut the bodice.

The below bodice will be use as the bottom part (shorts)

Open wide the below bodice, cut in half right in the middle.

(I did this since I want to preserve the side detail and also it less sew for me in making the shorts)

Salvage one of the sleeves to add to the sides.

Trace pattern from the short you have and arrange it as in the picture.

The bottom part has no front opening, so make sure the width of the top opening is larger than your hip measurement

With right side facing each other, pin and sew the sides. 

To sew the crotch, put the fabric like normal short, wrong side up. 

Pin and sew the crotch.

Hem all the bottom edge of the shorts.

You finished the bottom part of the romper
Next, create a racer back on the back side of the top.Cut in curve or C-shaped

Before attaching the top and bottom part, make sure you have the same opening size. If its larger, pinch as your measurement from the sleeves opening. 

Attach the top part and the bottom part by facing the right side together.

Pin and sew the parts by giving enough seam allowance for the elastic band (i.e if your elastic band 1 cm size, sew 2 cm minimum from the side)

TIP: you can add length by salvaging fabric from the sleeves if you want to lengthen the bottom/top part

At this stage, you almost done but the shape of your new romper is unflattering.

To make it more fitted, smock or shirr the back side using elastic thread.

Technique on how to shirred you can read from here or if you're like me who use a Brother machine, use this technique instead.

I created 9 rows of 20 cm shirred on the back, with 1 cm space in between.

Using the seam allowance, sew around the waist but leave 2 cm opening for the elastic band.

Use safety pin to ease your way inserting elastic band.

Tie the elastic band per your measurement, and shut closed the opening gap.

To finished the neckline and the arm hole, make bias tape from the inside yoke. 

If you have bias tape maker, it'll be easier, if not, check this and this awesome tutorial on how to make DIY bias tape without one.

last and the most important part of making this clothing: WEAR IT LIKE A BOSS ;)



  1. Super cute!! Thanks for sharing my shirring tutorial. It was such a pain figuring out how to shirr on my Brother machine...but now I'm obsessed with it! :)